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Prayer Requests


Name: Corey D. Price
I am requesting prayer for my son, Corey, that God may intervene in his personal, work and love life. He has seemed to given up. Nancy Price

Name: Marcela Cristina da Silveira

Good Morning.
I would like to pray, because I am trying to transfer my work in São Paulo - Brazil, to Miami - USA.
It will be a dream come true for me and my family.

God bless you all.

Hello Friends. AM born again in Christ and 21 years of age from KENYA (East Africa). I came here in Miami to study at Barry university. my uncle who is also my guardian had promised to pay for my studies but he refused and abandoned me. Am now suffering from lack of fees and am very stressed. please pray for me.

Name: Sarah
Hi. My name is Sarah. I am a 7th day Adventist in Homestead. My family and I are battling something. I ask that you please keep in your prayers my little brother Gordon JeanBaptiste . He's battling with a mental spiritual warfare. Jesus Christ let's us know that something's can only be brought out through prayer and fasting. And this battle is one that needs both. So I ask please whenever you are fasting and praying due so for my little brother Gordon as well. In every prayer gathering, present my brother to our Father in supplication. I know as God is good and righteous, He won't let my brother be overcome by this, but He will lead him victoriously in this battle. Thank you in advance. God bless and be with you all.❤

Name: Marcela Cristina da Silveira

Good afternoon!
I'm trying to transfer my work from Brazil to Miami.
I ask the prayers of the church for the realization of this dream.
Thank you very much and God bless.