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Pastor's Update

Pastor's Update 


How to identify your spiritual gifts?
1. Ask our Heavenly Father to reveal them to you. He wants you to know your gifts. Always press our Heavenly Father for the answer to your Gift.
2. Jump in and get involved. It is common for people to discover their gifts as they begin serving somewhere.

Note: Spiritual gifts are not burdensome, on the contrary they bring us great joy. Sometimes we carry heavy loads of guilt because we are expected to perform tasks for which we are not gifted. The happiest and most effective Christian's are those who are functioning in ministries where they can clearly recognize some sense of calling, some level of enthusiasm, some visible fruit and a sense of competence. 

3. Recognize that all true service/ministry is born out of a relationship with God. Without the Holy Spirit operating in us, spiritual gifts have no power.  Trust that God has given you a spiritual gift because you are a follower of Jesus Christ.
4. Your ability to see a need may indicate that you have been given a gift to meet that need.
Note: self tests and inventories are interesting to take and may be of help to some but they are the least reliable…

Click on the following links to get more resources on spiritual gifts.
*For a definition and further study on gifts:

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Click for link to "Bondage Breaker" book by Neil T. Anderson

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